When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

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Cross a Nebraska homecoming queen with Simone Signoret and what do you get?  Mary Beth Hughes! And seldom did she get to merge those two sides as in the go-for-broke, nil-budgeted film noirs she did for PRC Studios at the end of World War 2, such as I ACCUSE MY PARENTS and THE LADY CONFESSES.  […]

BOILING SAND participates in the FOR THE LOVE OF FILM (NOIR) film preservation blogathon this week with its post on Edgar G. Ulmer’s CLUB HAVANA.  You can DONATE here to the Film Noir Foundation to contribute for the restoration of Cy Endfield’s 1950 sleeper THE SOUND OF FURY, and have your name put in a […]

When Hollywood (as Gloria Swanson rapturously proclaimed in SUNSET BOULEVARD) “had the eyes of the world,” it also had the power as a Culture Industry to discriminate in representing other forms of American popular entertainment that competed with filmdom’s market share. For example, Putt-Putt Golf was a hugely popular entertainment during the Great Depression, drawing […]

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