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Deep in Region 4 Territory


DVD shopping in Australia.

I scored almost from the start when I found a used copy of the ‘lost’ David Bowie / Marlene Dietrich film, JUST A GIGOLO, for around 5 USD in downtown Melbourne.  As I understand it, the original negs were lost in a fire.  Never got to see this film as it had tweaked distribution.

Lots of Hollywood classics are merchandised as two-fers and multi-title sets:  for example, major studio releases of Gene Kelly, Doris Day or Sophia Loren films, available in the U.S. as individually packaged movies, were compressed into one or two disc sets and sold at single disc market price.  In this manner, I got a 3-disc set of early Hitchcock (all pre-Hollywood Hitch):  all his silents and a smattering of his England-based sound films, including my second-favorite pre-Hollywood Hitchcock (after THE LADY VANISHES):  YOUNG AND INNOCENT.  An Australian academic who read my essay on Hitchcock, Wilcox and the Yellow Canary recommended I revisit Hitch’s EASY VIRTUE (included in this set and I haven’t seen since the ‘seventies).  Plus, I’ve wanted to re-watch Hitchcock’s first film, THE LODGER starring gay icon Ivor Novello (in Queer Studies, there has been much conjecture on Novello’s influence on Hitch:  after working with openly gay Novello, Hitch gained 200 pounds and married the first girl who would say Yes … which are classic signs of Homosexual Panic).

Speaking of things sexual, I also found a used DVD of Radley Metzger’s CAMILLE 2000, the breakthru Eurotrash soft porn of the pre-DEEP THROAT late 1960s.  Metzger was known for deviating from the usual trope of the time of only showing female nudity, realizing that it took two to tango (and to double box office receipts, since this was the Swingin’ Sixties when guys took girls to dirty movies on a date).  The guy in the movie is UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG dreamboat Nino Castelnuovo, so I can hardly wait to see the hairs on his digitally-enhanced ass.

But so far, I’ve come up empty on tracking down esoteric Aussie arthouse & grindhouse flicks. My want list [none of these I have seen] is: 
CUNNAMULLA, an Erroll Morris-type documentary on anomie in a bush town;

PLAINS OF HEAVEN, where 2 meteorologists alone at a remote weather station slowly go mad;


WAKE IN FRIGHT (aka OUTBACK) a legendary cult film here [check out its Wiki page] that I understand is sort of an Aussie DELIVERANCE.

Hmmm.  All these films address isolation.  Something to ponder.

And as for shopping, there’s still the main cultural hub, Sydney, to rummage and reap later this week.

Doug / PostModern Joan

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