When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

Over 50 people were killed in the Leftist Riots of Hong Kong, which exploded on its streets in the Spring of 1967.  Fueled by the fervor of the mainland’s Cultural Revolution, pro-Communist demonstrations and bombing attacks destabilized the city’s social and economic fabric.  In order to restore the status quo, a concerted effort by the city’s Culture Industry began to glamorize Hong Kong as the binary opposite of the no-nonsense, grim and rudimentary People’s Republic of China.  One of the first persuaders was the Shaw Brothers’ musical HONG KONG NOCTURNE.
This movie is hot:  bongos, sports cars, diamond rings, go-go dancers, electric guitars, discotheques, you name it — all dressed up in Life Saver colors and set to a swingin’ beat.

"Two Little Girls from Little Rock"??  Nope, 3 little girls from Hong Kong

Two Little Girls from Little Rock?? Nope, 3 little girls from Hong Kong

It’s a story of three sisters in show business:  their successes, their tragedies, their loves, their betrayals. If you’ve ever seen a Twentieth Century-Fox musical from the 1940s, you know the scenario I’m talking about.  But this ain’t the ’forties, it’s the mod-a-go-go 1960s so the movie revels in piquant modernity and playful sexuality. 

Hong Kong Martial Arts star Pei-Pei Cheng wows 'em with song and dance.

Hong Kong Martial Arts star Pei-Pei Cheng wows 'em with song and dance.

Lovers of martial arts films will notice that one of the sisters is played by Pei-Pei Cheng ( “Jade Fox” in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON) who shows that her training in movement was not limited to stage combat.

You can rent or purchase HONG KONG NOCTURNE from these guys. 

To get a taste of the sumptuous overdrive of the movie, check out its trailer:

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