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Coming Soon: Ed Wood Blog-a-Thon
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Beginning July 6, Greg at Cinema Styles blogsite will be hosting an Ed Wood Blog-a-Thon.

I’ll be posting my entry here at BOILING SAND. It should be an interesting read, because my make-up teacher in film school was Ed Wood’s make-up man, Harry Thomas.

Harry was a great guy and had millions of tales to savor from his long career: the last days of Lugosi, being a bit player opposite Laurel & Hardy, mascara problems with a wet Ursula Andress (!!), and applying body makeup to legendary stripper Lili St. Cyr (“It was tough: I had a very strong libido in those days,” Harry told me).

After my class with him, I was always being blown away by seeing his name in movie credits of cult classics.

Harry Thomas also worked on Sam Fuller's THE NAKED KISS

Harry Thomas also worked on Sam Fuller's THE NAKED KISS

Great example: if you’ve ever seen Sam Fuller’s THE NAKED KISS (1964), the movie knocks you on your butt in the first 30 seconds of the pre-credits sequence as Kelly, a shaved-head prostitute, beats the crap out of her pimp. That shiny noggin on actress Constance Towers was Harry’s handiwork.

So check back here for my entry to Cinema Styles’ ED WOOD BLOG-A-THON.

Doug / PoMo Joan

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