When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

I’m about 48 hours behind the rest of the Blogosphere in commenting on the passing of Ann Savage. Two reasons for this… Number One, I decided to sit back last night and enjoy her performance in MIDNIGHT MANHUNT on DVD while savoring some leftover eggnog. Number Two, I realized that Ann Savage and my mom […]

I really don’t have a favorite Christmas movie. I really like HOLIDAY INN, but to me it’s not much about Christmas (first thing I always think of is Fred Astaire’s firecracker dance from the Fourth of July chapter of the film). But many folks’ big holiday treat, the Paramount blockbuster WHITE CHRISTMAS to me is […]

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The other night I rented the 1974 movie, AMAZING GRACE, a star vehicle for the legendary black vaudeville entertainer Moms Mabley. Moms was 80 years old the summer this was released. So her performance has a fascinating double-meaning and readability: she may be slow and sometimes fuzzy in her blocking and stage business, but her […]

It’s December, when I celebrate the birthdays of two divae:  Maria Callas and Deanna Durbin. Callas — the Prima Donna Assolutissima — reignited the tradition of diva worship in the arts, and due to the cult-like following she engendered, she created a generation of crossover between film directors and opera directors.  The first of the […]

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In October, I wrote about Beverly Garland. Today, the NYT announced her passing. What a gal. What an actress. What an icon. Doug

On Thursday, Forrest Ackerman passed away. And I had just been thinking of him. Well, not really of him, but I had an intense flash of Proustian remembrance of his publication Famous Monsters of Filmland while watching a videotape of CALTIKI: THE IMMORTAL MONSTER. In the movie all hell breaks loose, with a monster in […]

Back in Austin, Texas, now with my last posting on Australia. Final thoughts: If you’re ever on a bus ride in the Australian bush, I’ve got the perfect soundtrack for you.  Load your mp3 player with tracks by Melbourne-based Dead Can Dance.  I loved them in the 1980s and 1990s, but hadn’t thought about them […]

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