When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

Being a mythopoetic kind of bubba, I frequently wax McLuhanesque on the experience of viewing a motion picture.  Such as: When motion pictures were introduced in one African region, if the shot panned from one object to another (e.g., a shot of a house panned over to a shot of a tree), the audience’s perception […]

TEA TREE GULLY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. DVD shopping in Australia. I scored almost from the start when I found a used copy of the ‘lost’ David Bowie / Marlene Dietrich film, JUST A GIGOLO, for around 5 USD in downtown Melbourne.  As I understand it, the original negs were lost in a fire.  Never got to […]

HENLEY BEACH, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Back in the early 1980s during the battle for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, the last 2 states to vote were Florida and Missouri. Wanting to do my part, I drove to Florida for an ERA rally at the state capital. I knew there should be some celebs […]

HOBART, TASMANIA — I was just in a place here in Taz called Drifter’s Internet Cafe, which is loaded with local hero Errol Flynn memorabilia. It also has a small pipe thru which you can peer out a side street window and see the house where Merle Oberon might or might not have been born. […]

MELBOURNE — I’m a Cold War baby. I grew up with the constant fear of Nuclear War. So of course, one movie that made a HUGE impression on me as a kid was ON THE BEACH from 1959. In this movie, total nuclear war has occurred and the only place the winds hadn’t carried the […]

ELECTION NIGHT — Around the time the polls started closing, I decided to watch the stunning, powerful Criterion Collection DVD of Fritz Lang’s THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE. Good choice. Mabuse was a criminal genius (Lang had made a film about Mabuse in the 1920s and his last film in the 1960s was also about […]

I recently viewed a mid-century curiosity called MANFISH starring gorgeously sculpted B-Movie leading man John Bromfield, featuring a haggard Lon Chaney Jr., and “introducing Barbara Nichols.” Miss Nichols had previously had experience in early TV and a non-speaking role in the Otto Preminger / Robert Mitchum / Marilyn Monroe movie RIVER OF NO RETURN, but […]

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