When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

As it is with the aesthetic concerns of postmodern performance art, the persona of Joan Crawford is also a time-based collage of constructed moments which could not exist without the engagement of its audience.

Ideological and archetypal concepts battle wildly with each other throughout M-G-M’s REUNION IN FRANCE from 1942. Executive produced by a Republican and directed by a Leftist, cast with leads whose bodies of work have nothing in common, this flag-waving tribute to the French Resistance both praises and damns la belle France while trying to engender […]

Since I’ve worked over many years in several aspects of the Industry, most of my posts approach a movie as more than an end product:  they also look at the work culture of making a film plus the bottom-line realities of how everything up on the screen had to be paid for one way or […]

On a British site, I read that the mid-sixties surf film RIDE THE WILD SURF had a Gay following. That was news to me, so I gave it a look. The film is more naturalistic (if you can call a movie that is 50% rear-projection ‘realistic’) than the cartoony Frankie-and-Annette beach party films cranked out […]

The Harry Ransom Center on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin is an Elysian Fields for film lovers.  Among its treasures are the David O. Selznick Archives, the Robert De Niro Archives and the Gloria Swanson Archives.  While doing some volunteer research work amidst their film holdings, I unearthed an artifact that […]

Maxine Cooper — an actress known for her appearances in such Robert Aldrich films as WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, AUTUMN LEAVES and most famously as the “Woo Bait” Velda in KISS ME DEADLY — has passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 84. Cooper’s television appearances were a catalog of early […]

[Posted as part of the EARLY HAWKS BLOG-A-THON.] It says it right up there at the beginning: A Howard Hawks Production. So, not only did Hawks direct TODAY WE LIVE (1933), but he ‘produced’ it also. But I put the word produced in quotes because the film is a 1933 product of M-G-M, so above […]

As the creator and author of www.postmodernjoan.com I find myself thinking about Joan Crawford almost every day. This weekend it has been her MOUTH. If you look at photos of JC from her silent movie days, she is hardly recognizable as the later screen diva, but most can’t put their finger on what’s different. Look […]

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