When You Get Really Close to a Movie Screen, Film Emulsion Looks like…
Boiling Sand

This posting is a contribution to this week’s The Spirit of Ed Wood Blogathon at the Cinema Styles blogsite. Have you ever heard Charlie Parker’s 1947 recordings for the Dial label? Bird was in L.A., headed for a personal crash-and-burn that would soon land him in Camarillo’s mental hospital; for some sessions he had to […]

That neglected low-budget 1950s horror movie BLOOD OF DRACULA has been rearing its head periodically on late-nite cable. It’s a primo example of an early Herman Cohen production.  And a fascinating look at how screenwriter Aben Kandel loads a film with the fears of the Zeitgeist.  Many screenwriters have succeeded at crystalizing the fears of […]

I was surprised by how good the film version of THE BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFE turned out to be.  I didn’t think I’d like it. For regular readers of the blog, you may notice that I use two concepts that movie reviewers always use, but I never touch:  whether a movie is “good” or […]

1975 was a year of malaise. The Woodstock vibe was over.  The economy, after seven years of Republicans at the helm, was in the tank with high inflation and no jobs for recent grads.  Music was wandering a wasteland between post-Psychedelic and pre-Disco.  If you were young that year, you were waiting desperately for something […]

It’s May:  a time when degrees are bestowed.  It’s the season of commencement ceremonies. Which reminds me of the first words I uttered as I graduated from film school in Los Angeles in 1980.  As it sank in that I finally had a bachelors of cinema in my hands, I — in true film lover […]

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